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Das Werk

Das Werk 1:35 Raupenschlepper Ost (RSO/01 Type 470)

Das Werk 1:35 Raupenschlepper Ost (RSO/01 Type 470)


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This is an injection-plastic military vehicle model kit.

The Raupenschlepper Ost (Eastern tracked tow vehicle) was developed by Austria's Steyr-Daimler-Puch during World War II for the transportation of goods and artillery on the Eastern Front.

The German Army, which invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, did not use strategic supplies as much as possible due to the extreme difficulties in replenishing the front line using untracked vehicles, thanks to the extremely muddy roads of the region. The Raupenschlepper Ost was hurriedly developed after instructing the development of a low-cost, versatile tractor. Although its maximum speed was as slow as 30km/jh, its height was great enough to allow it to easily handle mud and snow; it became active in replenishment missions over muddy roads. More than 20,000 of this vehicle were built in three types -- the RSO/01 with a rounded cabin, the RSO/02 with a straight cabin, and the RSO/03 with a diesel engine. As its name implies, it was initially developed for use on the Eastern Front, but it saw use on all fronts, including being used to tow anti-tank guns and heavy mortars in addition to replenishment purposes.

This model kit from Das Werk includes connection-assembly type tracks, with the track plates separated in advance. The engine and drive train are fully reproduced; photo-etched parts and decals for six versions are included. Order yours today!

  • [Includes]: Photo-etched parts, decals for 6 versions

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