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Hobby Design

Hobby Design 1:24 Porsche 911 Singer DLS Full Resin Model Kit

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$250.00 NZD
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$250.00 NZD

IMPORTANT: these kits are special order, i will order these when a customer orders one, as such there may be a delay getting them in as they are not in stock with me. If you would like to order one of these, please get in touch

Porsche 911 DLS 1/24 Full Detail HOBBYDESIGN HD03-0623
This is a car model kit assembled from parts made of resin, white metal, photo-etched metal and possibly other materials.

Kit Includes:

  •   -Full Resin Body Kit
  •   -1 Set of Wheels
  •   -Photo Etched Exterior Details
  •   -Photo Etched Interior Details
  •   -Photo Etched Brake Discs and Grille Meshes
  •   -Decals