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Quinta Studios

Quinta Studios 1:48 Fi-156 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper (for Tamiya kit)

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$16.00 NZD

Quinta studio's QD48078 - a 3D decal set of interior elements for installation on the same parts in the Fi-156 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper (for Tamiya kit)

This set combines traditional water-slide decal technology with 3D-printing.

The 3D decal has prominent multi-level details, such as recessed flight instrument dials, prominent dashboard, and equally prominent small details, such as toggle switches, buttons and signal lights.

Each instrument dial is covered with a layer of gloss varnish, giving it a characteristic “glass-like” shine at sharp viewing angle.

Decals are designed for this particular kit and fit perfectly.

Use warm water to separate the decal from its base, as you would with traditional water-slide decal.

Since 3D-decals are significantly thicker than traditional ones, use additional adhesive (water-based adhesive is recommended) or acrylic varnish (Tamiya X-22 or Future) to fix the decal in place.

Usage of decal setters (Micro Set / Sol, Gunze Mr. Decal setter, etc.) is NOT advisable – decals conform well to the plastic surface, and irrepairable damage to the decal can occur.