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SMS Scenic Static Grass Applicator

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$83.00 NZD

Made with strong, durable ABS, this battery powered Static Grass Applicator is light weight and suitable to work with static grass of various lengths (3 to 6mm recommended).


  • Fill the hopper with the static grass of choice
  • Tighten the hopper mesh cap ensuring that the internal wire is connected to the mesh.
  • Hold the alligator clip on the area you wish to apply the static grass
  • Press the button on the side of the Static Grass Applicator and shake it so the static grass falls through.
  • Repeat as many times as possible, keeping an eye on the static grass to ensure that it stands up under the static charge.
  • Release the button and then move the alligator clip away.

Set contains :

  • 1x Static Grass Applicator
  • 1x 6mm sample grass pack
  • 1x 3mm 30g Deep Green Static Grass
  • 1x 3mm 30g Forest Floor Static Grass