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Trumpeter 1/48 Z-19 Light Scout/Attack Helicopter Plastic Model Kit

Trumpeter 1/48 Z-19 Light Scout/Attack Helicopter Plastic Model Kit

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The Z-19 is a Chinese light scout and attack helicopter. It was locally developed by Harbin. The Z-19 is esentially a tandem-seat version of the Z-9W, which in turn is a license-built version of the Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin. However this helicopter also shares some resemblance with the Japanese OH-1. The Z-19 made its first flight in 2011 and was publicly revealed in 2012. This helicopter is in service with Chinese army aviation regiment. It operates alongside the dedicated Z-10 attack helicopter.

   The Z-19 is lightly armored. Both pilots are seated on crash-resistant seats. This scout and attack helicopter is equipped with a nose-mounted FLIR, TV and laser rangefinder.

Item No     05819
Item Name     Z-19 Light Scout/Attack Helicopter
Bar Code     9580208058191
Scale     1:48
Item Type     Plastic Model Aircraft Kit
Model Brief     Length: 260.8mm   Rotor Diameter:261mm
Total Parts     130+
Metal Parts     n/a
Photo Etched Parts     1 piece
Film Parts     n/a
Resin Parts     n/a
Total Sprues     4 sprues
Released Date     2022-08
More Features     - Detailed  fuselage w/accurate design
- Finely detailed cockpit
- photo-etched parts included
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