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Trumpeter 1/72 Sweden Strv103c tank

Trumpeter 1/72 Sweden Strv103c tank

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:The Model S tank is the second generation of advocate war tank which Sweden produced after the war, this car was developed in 1957 by Bofors Company, the army was equipped in 1972 , produced 300 altogether. In order to meet the modern war demand, Swedish ground force carried on the modernization to refit to the Model S tank in the eighties, have equipped 200 Model S tanks after refitting to 1989, is named the Strv103C type. Repack mainly: Install the new laser range finder, install the fire additional and accuse of the computer , change the Diesel engine of Model V-53T containing high-power and new transmission, it is armoured to install side skirt board and bar type additional , allocate and bulldoze the shovel.
Item No : 07220
Item Name : Strv103 c ???
Bar Code : n/a
Scale : 1:72
Item Type : Static Vehicle
Model Brief : Length: 120.7mm Width: 49mm Height:35mm
Total Parts : 153pcs
Metal Parts : n/a
Photo Etched Parts : n/a
Film Parts : n/a
Resin Parts : n/a
Total Sprues : 5pcs ,Upper hull, Lower hull,2 Track
Paint Schemes : For Sweden Army
Released Date : n/a
More Features : n/a

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