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Franklin Hobbies Resin Parts

1:24 19.5" Wheel rim Tyre and disc brake Hub 2 x axle set for trucks

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Franklin Hobbies Resin Parts 1:24 19.5" Rim, Tyre and axle hub with disc brakes.  This is a dual axle set which includes 8 x 19.5 inch rims, 8 x 265 70 r19.5 tyres with trailer type tread and 4 Axle hubs.  These are designed by myself and printed in house.  The axle hub needs a 3.5mm axle.  These are hard resin tyres and are designed to slip onto the rim.  You may need to do some sanding on the rim and tyre to make them fit and to remove and nubs from the printer supports.  Also giving they tyre side walls a gentle sand to smooth them and promote good paint adhesion. 

I have designed these to have the worst of the printer support nubs in areas where they wont be seen, the tyres have been designed to have all the connection points on the bottom of the tyre.

There may be colour variations due to the availability of the resin, i try to print the tyres in black and the rims and axle hubs in grey, but may use different colours if the black and grey isn't available.  this doesn't affect the prints or painting.  Wash the parts before printing in some warm soapy water.

These parts need to be primed and painted and can be painted in any hobby colours available. I have tested with tamiya primer with no issues.

Set includes:

8x Rims

8x Tyres

4x Axle Hubs