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Zap-A-Gap CA+ Medium Cyanoacrylate (Green) 1oz/28.3g Super Glue

Zap-A-Gap CA+ Medium Cyanoacrylate (Green) 1oz/28.3g Super Glue

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The two-ounce bottle lasts (stays liquid) for about a year after it is opened.
Two ounces allows you to be fearless on application, and the gap filling property will join mismatched parts.

It sets in about two-to-four minutes on most surfaces, but on some (latex rubber, etc.), the bond is instant, so test this product on scrap, if you can.
If your gap is large, plug the area with tissue paper, or something.

If you buy/use the Zip Kicker, the glue will set instantly!
Use the Zip Kicker with great caution as the instant set gives off hot-heat and a small cloud of fumes. Zip Kicker will craze all clear/hard plastics, so do not use for pretty joins.

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